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Microchip's Audio Decoder Framework allows for audio software codecs to be easily added to a PIC32 design project.
In practice, however, as the number of dues increases, the number of computations needed in the decoding process grows exponentially, so sending all the clues to one decoder would result in too slow a decoding process.
264 Decoder ICs for Blu-ray Players and Other Set Top Boxes
As a leader in this market, one of our top priorities has been developing support for the next generation of MPEG decoder chips," said Kenneth Kaplan, president of Microware Systems Corporation.
LSI Logic also announced a family of MPEG products including an MPEG video decoder, MPEG audio decoder and a family of Reed-Solomon decoders/encoders in February 1993.
Some industry estimates of pirate decoders range as high as 25-30 percent of the legitimate decoder base in the United States.
Then the demodulator converts the analog signals to digital signals and reduces the signals to baseband signals with central frequency at 10MHz, which are absolutely digital signals here, the MPEG decoder converts these digital signals to analog signals, the analog signals here are still interlaced scanning signals which will become progressive scanning signals after the interpolation algorithm of back-end image processing.
Our new video decoder family delivers unmatched performance, and provides manufacturers and operators with a cost-effective solution for single and dual-room HDTV receivers used in any type of broadcast network," said Lewis Brewster, executive vice president and general manager of Conexant's Broadband Media Processing business.
By adding this Ogg Vorbis decoder, we now have 19 encoders and decoders available for our Xtensa HiFi 2 Audio Engine," stated Larry Przywara, director of strategic alliances for Tensilica.
Paired with the AccuVision Decoder for Mid-Range Cameras, MiniCam provides real-time decoding of all industry standard one-dimensional bar codes and two-dimensional symbologies.