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Fourth, this approach satisfies several desirable properties including decomposability.
Pach published the first papers about decomposability of multiple coverings.
Furthermore we determine a sufficient condition for vertex decomposability of the glued graph at any clone.
The novelty of our contribution is that we provide a complete cardinal measure of equality of opportunity that is not based on decomposability principles (additive decomposability of inequality indices, as in Ruiz-Castillo, 2003; Villar, 2005; Lefranc, Pistolesi & Trannoy, 2008 and 2009 or Checchi & Peragine, 2010, or the decomposition of outcomes between characteristics and returns, as in Bourguignon, Ferreira & Menendez, 2007 or Calo-Blanco & Garcia-Perez, 2012).
Decomposability of inequality measures involves dividing the target population into groups, considering relevant factors that potentially account for income inequality.
An eigenvalue based approach for assessing the decomposability of interdependent design project tasks, Concurrent Engineering 17(1): 35-42.
With respect to other measures, the Theil index has the advantage of satisfying a number of requirements (axioms) that appear to be desirable when identifying inequality; in particular it is easily decomposed into a within group and a between (or across) group effect (the so-called decomposability axiom), a property not shared by other indicators (15).
Nitrogen mineralization in relation to C: N ratio and decomposability of organic materials.
1994) claim that some idioms allow a compositional analysis and their decomposability cannot be measured in absolute terms.
Building on Herbert Simon's work on the architecture of complexity and near decomposability (modularity), (49) I will show how hierarchy and redundancy allow property to solve the problem of multiparty interactions over resource use.