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The official said that the Operations Room received a tip-off that a decomposed body had been found in a flat in Al Nahda.
Sharjah - The Sharjah Police are investigating the death of a 67-year-old Emirati whose body was found in a decomposed state in his apartment in a building in Al Nahda.
50pm yesterday after a member of the public discovered the badly decomposed remains in a wooded area.
A source said: "The body was badly decomposed so it's not possible to say what age this man was or how he died but detectives are examining all avenues.
Decomposed granite has been popular at dog parks on the West Coast for the past decade and has gained popularity in other parts of the country lately.
He admitted being responsible for 18 decomposed carcasses, bags of animal waste and a cow's head found on his land.
The system comprises an electrolytic tank, which generates easily decomposed intermediates by forming hypochlorous acids through the addition of salt and oxidizing organic substances, and a catalytic tank, which gasifies and decomposes the intermediates and surplus hypochlorous acids by means of oxidoreduction reactions.
The police took out the man's decomposed body, later identified as Nitin.
DIALA / Aswat al-Iraq: The police discovered a mass grave with 153 decomposed bodies south of Baaquba on Friday, according to the Diala police chief.
THE DECOMPOSED corpse of an unidentified man was found in a ravineabout 20 metres from the side of the Nicosia-Palechoriroad at around 4:30 pm yesterday afternoon.
The flesh and organs are completely decomposed in 4 hours, leaving bones as the only solid remains.