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In order to resolve such issues, Tanaka Kikinzoku Kogyo has developed a technology enabling the recovery of precious metals by detoxifying the cyanogen at low cost without corroding the furnace through a process that decomposes the waste liquid sludge and separates the cyanogen compounds as cyanogen gas at a lower temperature than in the conventional method.
And if - as still happens much too often in global terms - the bag is simply carelessly thrown away and then comes into contact with microorganisms in the soil and with water it decomposes, depending on the prevailing environmental conditions, within several months, leaving behind only water and CO[sub.
The combination of MSABP and ELCAT enables Teijin's system to efficiently decompose and eliminate a wide variety of persistent organic substances, resulting in a wastewater treatment process that complies with environmental regulations and significantly reduces dilution-water requirements.
Similar methods for decomposing corpses have been developed elsewhere, but they decompose corpses at much higher temperatures.
When buried," says Emily, "an animal's body decomposes at a very slow rate--it can take up to 30 years.
5 times more absorbent and thus deactivates and decomposes more than 99.
Whether fresh or reconstituted frozen, vitamin C decomposes at the rate of two percent per day.
This also feeds into recycling--once the biodegradable material decomposes, we can extract recyclables from the landfills, then the landfills aren't filling up as quickly.
As the hay decomposes, it will soften the upper few inches of soil, making it fluffier and easier to work.
After planting, spread a 2- to 3-inch layer of organic mulch, such as bark chips, on the soil over the rootball to help maintain soil moisture and enrich the soil as it gradually decomposes.
Because the plastic decomposes into natural substances, it won't pollute.
Paints - Finally, the iron melter must deal with the paint-like class (including powder coatings) that smokily decomposes on heating, giving off copious hydrocarbons (VOCs) and other nasties, making life in the foundry unpleasant.