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He explained: "Her leg is decomposing due to her use of needles.
It is able to separate the cyanogen compounds as cyanogen gas by decomposing the sludge at a lower temperature than the decompose temperature in the conventional method.
BEIRUT: Authorities located Monday the head of a decapitated body that was found decomposing in a north Lebanon forest over the weekend, the National News Agency reported.
In current survey microbes' population isolated from polluted soil and water around Tehran refinery to analyze their oil decomposing potential.
Similar methods for decomposing corpses have been developed elsewhere, but they decompose corpses at much higher temperatures.
SURGERY: Saddam; CHILLING: A mass grave of decomposing corpses
The two new substances are a plastic composite that can be recycled repeatedly and a decomposing catalyst that will make possible the recovery of petroleum derivatives from all types of plastics, which can then be turned into usable fuels such as gasoline and kerosene.
Meanwhile, timber gets harvested and incorporated into buildings, keeping dead wood from decomposing and releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.
County Coroner employee, added that liquids emanating from decomposing bodies are often on the floor and employees are exposed to these hazardous conditions.
Last week, Burbank launched the nation's first commercial system that captures the methane gas generated by decomposing rubbish, works it through a jet-type engine and transforms it into electricity.
The ribbon quartz characteristically weathers recessively because of the effect of decomposing sulfide minerals, and is typically not exposed without trenching.
On Monday, the smell of decomposing vegetation from the recycling plant, where more than 300 tons of green waste from the west San Fernando Valley is processed daily, prompted widespread complaints.