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An on-board 30-metre hose reel is used to decontaminate vehicles, aircraft, other large equipment and buildings up to six stories high while a trailer-mounted spray bar is used to decontaminate roads.
A 5-percent solution of chlorine must be readily available to decontaminate the cuffing instrument.
The decision to decontaminate these legacy containers using magnetic induction heating made the recycling of the containers possible," said Laurence Gottschalk, CMA's Project Manager for Non-Stockpile Chemical Materiel.
The subject of a public contract gradual delivery of various drugs, infusion solutions, measures to decontaminate the skin and mucous membranes, and the formulation of interferon beta-interferon beta-1B and 1A, in line with the current needs of the hospital.
In addition, the company has turned their attention to restoring buildings contaminated with microbial matter, including mold, and will use the demonstration to show that the same technology used to decontaminate for anthrax can completely decontaminate a mold filled building.
PACOIMA - State toxics officials say it could take more than five years to decontaminate the site of a former chemical storage company located near a residential neighborhood.
Mason, President and CEO of BioONE(TM), a Sabre/Giuliani Company, announced plans to decontaminate the contents of the former AMI building, site of the first recognized anthrax incident in 2001.
Scientists who demonstrated the potential of a particular bacterium to remove heavy metals from polluted streams and to decontaminate nuclear waste have figured out how these microbes do their dirty work.
Workers are constantly exposed as they decontaminate, demolish, repair and renovate structures that were built years ago with unbiodegradable asbestos materials.
The system to decontaminate water containing a high level of radioactive substance at the six-reactor plant as well as cooling operations for the complex's No.
has reached agreement that the Chinese military will undertake trials of the company's blood decontaminate Viralex(TM).
Described by Wagner in a September Stanford doctoral thesis, tests of the model using hypothetical situations show its solutions decontaminate at least 92 percent of those plumes.