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However, it is important for the soldiers to simulate decontaminating the equipment used to cut away the BDUs.
Surface preparation and finishing specialist Wheelabrator Group has been awarded a contract to supply equipment for decontaminating materials at one of Europe's nuclear facilities.
Some questioned whether LMDC is preceding with enough safety precautions in decontaminating the building.
Fully equipped military vehicles and their occupants could thus be driven into a decontaminating tent and be disinfected/decontaminated inside out within minutes.
Advanced Medical Sciences has developed Viralex as a method of decontaminating red blood cells and platelets prior to transfusion.
Speaking at last month's meeting of the International Chemical Congress of Pacific Basin Societies (ICCPBS) in Honolulu, DeFrank said the research team sought agents capable of decontaminating a neurotoxin rapidly.
The Company employs 9,200 team partners who serve over 190,000 customer locations from sites in the United States, Canada and Europe; operated 144 customer service centers, 14 nuclear decontamination facilities, 4 cleanroom operations, 12 first aid locations, 2 distribution centers and 3 manufacturing plants; manufactured millions of garments and floor care products; designed custom garments for corporate image programs and special workwear applications; and stood as a world leader in cleaning and decontaminating nuclear protective clothing.
Contract awarded for Supply & Delivery of 10 pads 90 x 115cm Decontaminating Mat 30~~s & other item
EDWARDS AIR FORCE BASE - Personnel of the joint strike fighter integrated test force are testing possible methods for decontaminating an aircraft exposed to chemical or biological weapons.
Only by limiting purchaser liability, enhancing brownfields remediation, and increasing local control can the Superfund program achieve its goal of decontaminating polluted properties, BOMA says.
This "selective ability in viral inactivation is a major breakthrough in decontaminating blood components," said a company scientist.

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