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However, it is important for the soldiers to simulate decontaminating the equipment used to cut away the BDUs.
Because the method removes all available fat, it's not a technique for decontaminating foods that will be eaten.
Supply, installation and commissioning of autoclaves decontaminating and sterilising.
Two potential rules are on the horizon - both of which would impact cleanup at the Santa Susana Field Laboratory in the hills between Chatsworth and Simi Valley, where the Department of Energy is in the midst of the multimillion-dollar task of decontaminating and decommissioning buildings used for nuclear development.
Such an ion trap could be useful for decontaminating the environment after accident releases of nuclear material.
Contract awarded for Supply & Delivery of 10 pads 90 x 115cm Decontaminating Mat 30~~s & other item
For example, he said, the department now is capable of decontaminating 200 bioterrorism victims an hour.
Further chapters review established and emerging techniques for decontaminating eggs or processed carcasses, from physical methods to the use of bacteriophage and bacteriocins.
These procedures are carried out on 4 sites across NHS Lothian:Royal InfirmaryWestern General HospitalSt John s Hospital, LivingstonRoyal Hospital for Sick ChildrenAt least one EWD must be capable of decontaminating TOE probes to the capacity stated under normal service operations.
The goal for this American Water Works Association Research Foundation project is to develop an operating procedures guide for decontaminating water infrastructure.
The new support announced today will contribute to cleaning up the estimated 31 hectares of affected soil, disposing of contaminated waste, decontaminating Lac-Megantic and the Chaudiere River, helping to restore the integrity of the town s sewer system, cleaning up buildings and infrastructure, and demolishing contaminated buildings.
Use of alcohol-based hand hygiene products for routinely decontaminating hands in clinical situations is among the major recommendations of the new CDC guideline," Zahler said.

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