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Rashid Khan a groom said My family is very much interested to hire a buggy on my wedding day especially my sister as I am the only brother of her she wants to see me on decorated buggy on my wedding day.
Martin's top bakery store does 35% of its bakery business in decorated cakes from the firm's central plant.
The Westlake Village home of Marcia and Mike Clark will be decorated with pieces collected worldwide under the theme of a ``Cozy Holiday Family Tradition.
Thirteen decorated rooms including a werewolf room, cave, dungeon and torture chamber, insect room, aliens, a pirate ship and more.
Archery equipment manufacturer Excalibur of Winnipeg, Manitoba, makes one of its crossbow models out of nylon, which is then decorated with dye sublimation.
KB Home has decorated its homes in Tesoro del Valle with Hall oween decorations from Martha Stewart Living.
Thermoformers are finding that decorative films can be laminated to thicker sheet and formed directly into decorated parts in one step.
And now, the willy, nilly, silly old bear and his friends are being offered as decorated cookie gift arrangements at Cookies By Design/Cookie Bouquet (CBD/CB).
This year's Alderson Prison's prize for best decorated cottage door went to the gangsta gals who man the prison's fire department.
Plastics processors are eyeing formable films as an economical, durable, and environmentally friendly means of producing fully decorated parts right out of the mold.
For the past 20 years, the Woodland Hills resident has decorated his single-story home, adding more and more light strings each year.
There are plenty of party options for delicious concoctions - ranging from a festively decorated jack-o'-lantern cake, cupcakes with goofy faces, Halloween-theme cut-out cookies, mini fluted pumpkin cakes, a mint chip ice cream monster made with chocolate snack cakes and candy, and much more.