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The sale took place at the Grand Palais in Paris over three days and set multiple records for Impressionist and Modern Art, 20th Century Decorative Arts, Silver, Sculpture and Works of Art.
artnet is pleased to announce the launch of the new Decorative Art Price Database (http://www.
The project will enable a large number of decorative art and contemporary craft objects to be displayed and made available to the public.
Frank divides her book into three broad sections, based on discernible approaches to the study of decorative art.
Botanical painting is often regarded as a minor decorative art, but for nearly two centuries members of the Medici family gave it their special attention.
Each sale offers a select and impressive array of furniture and decorative art predominantly from Western Europe, but also as far as India and Far East Asia.
NEW YORK and BERLIN, March 10 /PRNewswire/ -- artnet is pleased to announce the launch of the new Decorative Art Price Database (http://www.
The Columbus Museum's permanent collection of fine and decorative art aims to represent the changing artistic tastes and aesthetic trends of American culture from colonial times to the present.
Among the more than 240 artists participating with an array of handcrafted functional and decorative art are numerous San Fernando Valley artists.
Among these works are Italian Renaissance paintings and sculptures, ancient sculptures, tapestries, and decorative art objects.
Also on display will be artwork by Frank Kiely, a student at the Royal College of Art in London, along with creations by painter Harry Carmean of Santa Barbara and Acton; Miriam Slater, whose decorative art tables and chests can be found in the homes of collectors ranging from Henry Kissinger to Jack Nicholson; the late Hans Burkhardt, a forceful advocate of modern art in Los Angeles; and Lorser Feitelson, who with his wife, Helen Lundeberg, founded Post-Surrealism.
The Victoria and Albert - as it's affectionately called in museum circles - is known as the world's finest museum of decorative art and design, and has been a bastion of opulence and haute style since it opened its doors in the mid-19th century.