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Though some critics see the return to domesticity as further proof of Fauset's decorousness, her approach actually illumines the subversive possibilities of the drawing-room novel.
His speech has a slight decorousness reminiscent of English writing at the time, yet employs relaxed speech patterns that make it convincingly natural.
With 850 male students, an endowment of $325 million, and a commitment to educate students "broadly in the traditional curriculum of the liberal arts" and "to cultivate qualities of character and leadership" Wabash seems like a welcome atavism: an institution of higher education dedicated to serious study, decorousness, and what the college literature proudly hails as "the gentleman's rule": "A Wabash man will conduct himself at all times, both on and off campus, as a gentleman and a responsible citizen.
But even after this brutal act, he cannot resist a morbid decorousness when he leaves her body 'lying face up with its limbs nearly arranged.
Stolid brick houses with bay windows and big gardens exude an air of decorousness and prosperity.