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UL/DL decoupling of 5G has been accepted by 3GPP R15 and 5G uplink and will be standardized in 3GPP R15.
Ren and Hu (2012) find different degrees of decoupling for the Chinese nonferrous metals industry in the period 1996-2008 using the Tapio (2005) decoupling index.
The coupling cancellation, that we called decoupling, can be made using members whose output signals are added to output signals of the current controllers.
Decoupling is especially relevant for larger crop-producing countries like India and China, where agricultural expansion into forested areas rarely occurs (Hosomuma et al.
Further, structure decoupled control model of half-car suspension is analyzed in Section 4; meanwhile the decoupling controller is derived.
Decoupling point--the location in the product structure or distribution network where strategic inventory is placed to create independence between processes or entities.
The configuration of a decoupling network using PCL and TLs between two closely coupled antennas is illustrated in Fig.
As mentioned above, several types of techniques for decoupling have been proposed.
2002) and increase in eco-efficiency is considered to be appropriate strategy for decoupling of environmental impact from economy growth (Verfallie, Bidwell 2002).
While it is still too early to get a good picture of the global recovery process, there is enough historical data to assess the decoupling hypothesis for the period before the outbreak of the current crisis.
In this report, the first of a series, two aspects of decoupling are differentiated, namely 'resource decoupling' and 'impact decoupling': i.
On the basis of baseline decoupling and traditional InSAR geometric model, an advanced DSS-SAR InSAR terrain height estimation approach is proposed in this paper.