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x,xxx,xxx service life decrement for each increment of 100 discharge cycles above the 500 cycle threshold point while maintaining a charge capacity less than 75 percent of the original capability.
The greater power output performed by men, mainly in the initial phase of the sprints, is related to greater reliance on the anaerobic pathways and the subsequent inhibition of contractile properties in later sprints, culminating in greater power decrement (Parolin et al.
Conservative effect and determination of the initial gene frequency during decrement conservation under equaled sex ratio
state administration) can encourage the economic activity only in short term, but in long term it can become the limited factor of economic development because of physical production absence and tax revenue decrement.
Taken from the above-mentioned findings, the decrement in the newborn weight in [gp91phox.
A] of measurement of damping decrement in synthegran (mean square deviation), when the measurement result is defined as the arithmetic mean, is calculated by the formula:
It is reported that pollution due to gases, fumes and dust is associated with chronic bronchitis and decrements of FEV1 also the obstructive pattern along with decrement in FVC is also seen.
So by scanning the decrement we can identify frequent itemsets and remove them.
There will be no decrement in each of the planted area.
It has been proposed that this force output decrement after muscle stretching is underpinned by mechanical, physiological, and neurological mechanisms (6,7,11).