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To give her pleasure Razumihin told her how Raskolnikov had looked after the poor student and his decrepit father and how a year ago he had been burnt and injured in rescuing two little children from a fire.
There's slapstick buffoonery, unconvincing peril and mild grumbling as the decrepit duo are tempted by soft beds, pretty ladies and motorised transport.
There were times, in my old life, when I would be trying on something surrounded by these decrepit old fairgroundesque, House of Fun fat mirrors, which show off every inch of flab and cellulite.
Summary: Caretaker Deputy Prime Minister Samir Moqbel said Monday the funds allocated to renovate the notorious Roumieh Prison complex had been mismanaged, as the interior of the facility was still in a decrepit state.
Shunting them there in a decrepit van is the curmudgeonly Claude.
The people want an affordable place to live, not to be saddled with decrepit buildings that nobody cares about.
former savior, A little Satchmo, Decrepit and diseased But still
If you have ever been tail-gated for miles, overtaken dangerously, deafened by thumping stereos, shocked at amber and red light gamblers, outrageous speeding, indignant horn blowers, show-off handbrake turns, tyre burning starts, over revving at lights, lane weaving etc, there's no doubt the culprit will be a silver haired decrepit old timer.
AHAULof pounds 270m in jewellery and antiques stolen from a decrepit Spanish mansion has been recovered by police.
With few exceptions, the region is badly equipped to meet the threat, because of decrepit infrastructure and the legacies of Soviet mismanagement, along with low awareness of climate change.
Dr Jonathan Purkis, of Slaithwaite and Marsden Action on Rail Transport, said: "Northern Rail have consistently failed to replace their ancient and decrepit rolling stock.
One very cold afternoon, during a particularly busy shift, the store was suddenly darkened, and the wife noticed through the window a decrepit old man sitting in a wheelchair in front of the little store.