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So when did it happen, this shift towards musical decrepitude, because I didn't see it coming and it didn't feel like a gradual process.
With his taxidermy hair and a face that congeals like something kept too long at the bottom of a garbage can, this actor embraces premature decrepitude with real gusto: He is Jack Nicholson on Slimfast.
We can fight against approaching decrepitude or we can accept it gracefully.
Pourtant, les signes d'une decrepitude ne manquent pas dans les vieux centres urbains.
WHEN 70 is your next birthday you know you're on that runaway train speeding through the suburbs of Clapped-out City, heading for the buffers at Terminus Decrepitude.
Here, by (intentionally or not) borrowing and dismantling an inaccessible, unassailable--hence radically authoritative--form of holistic depiction, Bush foregrounds our assumptions of the Other's superior intactness, as well as of our own decrepitude, deftly stripping a persistent cultural dichotomy of its given value.
Our town and suburban shopping areas are being rendered into a state of Third World decrepitude.
Velazquez, Tiepolo, and Manet (remember Baudelaire's "you are only the first in the decrepitude of your art") were latecomers all; well aware of the fictive relationship of their medium to the world, they put it to productive use.
Visually, unpromising first-time director Marc Munden spends the entire film trying to draw an uninteresting contrast between the decrepitude of bleak Northern towns and the shiny black and chrome designer lines of thoroughly modern London.
As William pulls his father's leg, Charles says: "I can still do it at my advanced stage of decrepitude.
Even the hoariness of tradition persists in the decrepitude of rotting trailers at the site.
And Charles, 54 - whom both boys call Pa or Pops - replied: "I can do it even at my advanced stage of decrepitude.