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Ademas, cuando alguna de las valvas aorticas se prolapsa hacia el defecto interventricular, se ausculta un soplo holodiastolico decrescendo con punto de maxima intensidad sobre el area de proyeccion de esta valvula en el 4[grados] espacio intercostal izquierdo.
Then try combinations of inflections, decrescendos, and crescendos.
The new study showed that swelling crescendos appear to induce moderate arousal while decrescendos induce relaxation.
Observase que as probabilidades de melhores rendimentos foram encontradas na semeadura em 1/10, mas com baixa probabilidade de ocorrencia dessas produtividades, decrescendo a medida que a semeadura foi realizada em periodos mais tardios.
Wally Cardona worked reductively in a new piece titled Him, There, Them, removing production elements in each of three sections--a scenic decrescendo.
Mild temporal wasting, absence of oral thrush, poor dentition, positive jugular venous distention, bilateral crackles in the lungs, a decrescendo diastolic murmur in the left sternal border, "water hammer" pulses, and clubbing of the digits were found.
Public-address announcer Lawrence Tanter called his name for the last time this season, but instead of his usual bellow of ``Ohhh-Neallll,'' Tanter instead tapered off, in a decrescendo that oozed finality.
The music continues to grow in loudness and intensity until just before the conclusion of Ugolino's story (XXXIII), when it finally dies in a dramatic decrescendo culminating with Brutus, Cassius, and Judas, who are mute and deaf, unable even to cry.
Lodes shows that the sudden change of gears at bar 42 was arrived at in stages, from a gradual decrescendo across a transition of several bars to a sudden piano at 'et in terra pax'.
For John Randolph, anything following 1776 was decrescendo.
To digress a moment, opera queens--gay or straight--see opera as a sport with each aria an obstacle course for the singer: Can she handle the trill, will he go sharp on the high note, will she negotiate the two-octave drop, can he decrescendo on the high B-flat?
accelerando and ritardando, crescendo and decrescendo, mezza voce and portamento, legato and staccato etc.