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Writing to the bishop of Troyes, Innocent warned in his decretal Magne devotionis that if he failed to fulfill his crusading vow, he would set a bad example for his subjects and lead his people astray.
This decretal prohibits the worship of unofficial saints without papal approval.
This decretal concerns the number of years of study required for election to the priesthood.
Exceptionally clear and helpful, this volume will be welcome to those who have no German or, even more, to those who have no time to plow through the massive literature on the emergence of decretals, the early history of the papal archives, the reception of early decretals in later collections down to Gratian, and the massive collection known as Pseudo-Isidore.
Jasper is especially good on the emergence of the papal correspondence, on the rise of decretals, and on the formation of collections of papal letters.
Deirdre Courtney-Batson explores the contentious decretal, Per venerabilem, suggesting that Innocent's understanding of the papacy as a supreme court with limited jurisdiction is not as paradoxical as it seems.
Indeed, the CRM appeared, according to its title and continuing with the genre developed in the field of canon law, as a commentary on the first part of the well-known Decretal Naviganti.
The collection spans more than 16 and a half centuries beginning with a decretal letter of Pope Siricius in A.
For instance, Pope Gregory IX's decretal Naviganti vel eunti ad nundinas (1237) was understood for centuries as forbidding maritime insurance, but by the beginning of the 16th century a prohibition against underwriting expeditions to the West and the East was unthinkable.
The legislation that came after it, papal decretal letters, synodal documents, and the work of those who prepared the 1917 and 1983 codes of canon law all presupposed the theory and practice forged in this remarkable document.
Against these arguments Thomas cites the fact, based on a decretal of Gregory IX,(24) that orders are not repeated in the case when underage boys who were ordained begin to exercise those orders, and the parallel with baptism and confirmation, which likewise impress a character and can be received by boys.
He cites as an authority the same decretal of Gregory IX, the practice of ordaining boys to minor orders, and the validity of early confirmation; and goes with "the other opinion of the elders that use of reason is required for the order of bishop de necessitate sacrament), for the other holy orders de necessitate praecepti, and for minor orders de honestate et congruitate.