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Throughout the war, the Social Service Commission repeatedly decried the availability of alcoholic beverages to American service personnel.
Western nations decried the Afghan court for its actions and called for Rahman's release.
The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation decried the show's portrayals of intolerance in early episodes but never suggested the show be axed.
Some may have decried his work as derivative, but few young artists were delivering the sort of stellar stuff that he offered on his first three albums--Let Love Rule (1989), Mama Said (1991), and Are You Gonna Go My Way (1993).
Bishop Joseph Zen, who became leader of Hong Kong's 200,000 plus Catholics after the death of Cardinal John Wu in 2002, has constantly decried the Chinese government's lack of religious freedom.
ABC's Roseanne, a top-rated sitcom often hailed (or decried, depending on the critic) as "realistic," is filled with absurd moments that play with the forms of the TV medium.
The Commission proposed LCP, which is riddled with typographical errors and virtually absent scientific analysis, was decried by fire safety officials, agricultural officials, advocates for children, scientists, regional planners, local elected officials and others who support local government control over land use issues, according to Californians for Local Coastal Planning.
Summary: Madrid- The Association of Moroccan Sahara (ASM) decried, on Friday, the kidnapping of one of its members in Algiers after her arrival in Algeria for meetings with political parties, NGOs and local media.
Association board members get nostalgic as they praise pioneer organizers and patrons who decried the necessity of going to other areas to hear good music.
O'Malley decried today's lawmakers who refuse to shape law based on church dogma and blamed the First Amendment doctrine of church-state separation as part of the problem.
In what international human rights groups decried as a politically motivated act, a district court in Uzbekistan on August 13 sentenced Sharipov to 5 1/2, years in jail, shortly after the media rights activist pleaded guilty to sodomy charges.
Jewish leaders worldwide vigorously decried the presence of the crosses and pressed for Church and government intervention.