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His triumphs were especially sweet in the face of Hitler's decrying of African-Americans as the "alien race.
Because infants are at increased risk of problems ranging from simple breast-feeding troubles to life-threatening intestinal blockages, the American Academy of Pediatrics last week issued a statement decrying "drive-thru deliveries.
Meanwhile the Sex Pistols' arrival in America prompted alarmist headlines decrying the "punk rock horror" invading our shores.
But without this frame, the Catholic hierarchy was able to turn ignorance to its advantage, decrying Sinead O'Connor as simply an anti-Catholic bigot - or worse.
Streetcar companies made one last attempt to boost their fortunes in the 1920s with a plan to build elevated tracks, but the Los Angeles Times crusaded against them, decrying "their darkening shadows and their depressive gloom,' and the proposal was defeated at the polls.
The General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA) is decrying the closure of Meigs Field and the destruction of its runway by the City of Chicago.
But the festivities were interrupted by protesters decrying the abuse of donkeys during the race.
I am sick and tired of all these bleeding hearts decrying the shooting of the tiger and the shooting of that kid who stole a vehicle, and then rammed a police car.
Class," the hard-dreaming hero's tutorial in high-society life, is brilliantly laced with the humor of delusion, and a song like "In the Movies," while decrying the phoniness of cinema's depiction of "real life," nonetheless plays like a celebration of the act of being suckered by escapism.
Indeed, in his February 1999 announcement of the group's schedule for the year, PK founder and president McCartney promised to "offer men hope" while decrying "the moral decline around us.
But before the City Council - a body that goes out of its way to pass measures decrying civil-liberties violations in far-flung places - votes on these measures, its members might consider how great edifices are brought down by little chips in the foundation.
The personal is political in this folk rocker's self-penned songs, whether he's shouting boyfriend Joe's name or decrying violence against lesbian lovers.