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The patient was carefully repositioned out of left lateral decubitus position and into the steep Trendelenburg position.
9 kg) who was put on bed rest in the lateral decubitus position and a pelvic girdle the first 10 d after labor.
Before the procedure, patients were placed in the lateral decubitus position with the pleural effusion uppermost.
Also following a posterior approach, with the leg in a flexed and internally rotated position, operative access to the lateral cortex of the femoral shaft is difficult and the use of intraoperative screening in the lateral decubitus position is awkward.
Although a contentious issue, the current recommendation is a careful deep extubation performed with the child in the lateral decubitus position.
2,5) It has been shown that the left lateral decubitus position in venous/right ventricular air embolism redistributes the air above the right ventricular outflow tract, relieving air lock and improving survival.