dedicate oneself to

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To be philosopher and do philosophy in the 21st century it is necessary to dedicate oneself to the integration of thought and life and to learn how to share this work with others.
Mastery is becoming good at what one chose to dedicate oneself to, a choice autonomy makes possible.
In my experience, Marian devotion is a practice that any man can identify with because to dedicate oneself to a woman is in itself part of the nature of true masculinity.
He wanted to come to Aparecida by Marian devotion (a willingness to dedicate oneself to the Virgin Mary) and to officiate the first mass with the Brazilian people, but by visiting the shrine he is also saluting the whole region," said priest Roni Dos Reis, a spokesman for the event.
In many sectors," he says, "to dedicate oneself to teaching implies participating in the productive process, but with a distinct perspective.
TO MAKE ART, IT IS NECESSARY TO BE FILLED WITH A burning enthusiasm and to dedicate oneself to creative activity.
It takes a selfless soul to dedicate oneself to serving others.
He is the image of the will to dedicate oneself to results at all costs.
For Newton, to face reality is also to dedicate oneself to changing it: "Although I risk the likelihood of death, there is at least the possibility, if not the probability, of changing intolerable conditions" (3).