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As the first French Petrarchan imitator to compose an entire sequence of love poems dedicated to a single unattainable woman, Maurice Sceve fervently embraces in his dedicatory huitain to the Delie (1544) the mistrust of desire and identification with errore defining the Canzoniere's lyric speaker; yet at the same time, he explicitly invokes a positive course of purgation eventually fulfilled by his own speaker in the final ten-line dizain of this long volume.
2) Quotations in this paragraph come from the unpaginated dedicatory letter in Luigi Lippomano's Confirmatione et stabilimento di tutti li dogmi catholici, con la subversione di tutti i fundamenti, motivi, & ragioni delli moderni heretici fino al numero 482 (Venice, 1554).
And, in a similar way, the book's demonstration of an important diversification in the sources of support and in the processes involved in seeking support that writers might mobilize, and its intelligent assertion that "[a]ddresses to readers and dedicatory epistles signal an active component of the economic marketplace" (46) is destabilized by the insistence that "in the long run [paratexts have] little to do with money but much to do with status and protection" (15).
In this tradition, Jewsbury writes her dedicatory poem to Dr.
a distinguished judge and lawyer (whose remarkable career is captured in the dedicatory note that follows) very much concerned with the law's interaction with technological development and change.
RENSSELAER, NY--On May 13th, Mother's Day, internationally famed concert artist, Hector Olivera, from Argentina thrilled an audience of more than 350 at a dedicatory recital to celebrate the newly rebuilt digital console of the magnificent twenty-ton pipe organ in the choir loft at historic St.
The internal design celebrates the Corporation of Liverpool and its port, as well as its dedicatory saint, at every opportunity.
The fourth chapter, for instance, examines dedicatory letters by Kepler and Galileo which accompanied their seminal works--Astronomia Nova (1609) and Sidereus Nuncius (1610)--bringing into sharp relief the wider socio-political milieu of the two scientists.
Former Chief Justice William Rehnquist in a 1980 dedicatory address at Pepperdine stated, "Judges must strive to do what is legally right, all the more so when the result is not the one the home crowd wants.
Bergeron demonstrates that during this period the publication of plays was increasingly focused upon the benefits to be derived from court, city, and personal patronage, in ways that endowed the dedicatory epistles, addresses, and other preliminaries preceding the texts of the plays with special importance.
But the erroneous statement on the dedicatory page that Suetonius' line, 'etiam Gallos eum cantando excitasse' (Nero 45.
Here is an example of the latter, from the final lines of a dedicatory piece titled "For a Dying Tomcat Who's Relinquished His Former Hissing and Predatory Nature,"