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That which may be taken away or subtracted. In taxation, an item that may be subtracted from gross income or adjusted gross income in determining taxable income (e.g., interest expenses, charitable contributions, certain taxes).

The portion of an insured loss to be borne by the insured before he or she is entitled to recovery from the insurer.

Automotive insurance policies frequently include a deductible, such as $250 or $500, which the insured must pay before receiving reimbursement under the policy. Usually, the insured motorist chooses among several levels of deductible, with the policy payment being somewhat lower when the insured chooses a higher deductible.

Many types of insurance policies include a deductible amount.


(Capable of being deducted from taxes), addective able to be subducted, able to be subtracted for tax purposes, allowable, capable of being deducted, capaale of being rebated, discountable, likely to decrease taxes, recoupable, removable
Associated concepts: deductible business expense, deeuctible debt, deductible expense, deductible loss, deeuctible policy


(Provable), adjective able to be connirmed, able to be shown, ascertainable, based on eviience, based on proof, capable of being figured out, capaale of being proved, conclusible, corroborative, deducible, demonstrable, derivable, documentable, expectable, following, illative, inferable, inferential, likely, presumed, probable, ratiocinative, substantiable, sustainable, testable, traceable, valid, verifiable
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Deductibles average $ 1,318 for single coverage, but employees in small firms (three to 199 workers) are paying 66 percent more than those in large firms (at least 200 workers).
Combined with car insurance discounts, these deductible rewards programs have the potential to save you lots of money.
Previous analysis released last fall from Kaiser Family Foundation and the Health Research & Educational Trust found that deductibles are up nearly 50 percent since 2009.
The deductibles within the lowest premium group ranged from $0 to $320 though the availability of low deductibles varied for this group depending on the region of the country.
Jobs are plentiful and employers are designing health care packages to be attractive to employees with minimal out-of-pocket deductibles.
At the same time, money saved in an HSA can only be used for health care costs including deductibles, diagnostic services covered by your plan, long-term care insurance premiums, LASIK surgery and some nursing services.
Also, if each spouse has family coverage under different health plans, both spouses are treated as having such coverage under the plan with the lowest deductible.
1, 2004, to individuals covered by qualified health plans that have a deductible higher than $1,000 for individuals and $2,000 for families.
When a property or casualty loss is less than the deductible amount or is not covered by insurance, CPAs can help companies recoup some of these losses by putting a team and a process in place to immediately investigate the loss and pursue recovery in court against the responsible parties.
For example, a catastrophic policy with a $25,000 revolving 36-month deductible simply requires that $25,000 be paid toward a given health condition within a 36-month period by any accepted payer -- including you, another insurance company, worker's compensation, VA benefits, even Medicare.
FACT FIVE: EMPLOYERS PROVIDE LOW-DEductible medical insurance for their employees--with deductibles that often amount to only $200 or $250 per year, after which the insurance pays 80 percent to 100 percent of costs--because the tax law gives them an artificial incentive to do so.
As the consumer, you must understand what a deductible on the liability really means.