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An Intelligent Algorithm for the Generalized Partially Instantiated Same Generation Query in Deductive Databases, Proceedings of the 4th International Arab Conference on Information Technology (ACIT'2003), p.
Below, Virnelson looks over fingerprint made my students, who use deductive reasoning to solve ``crimes.
In deductive scenarios, which are often used to develop business strategy or evaluate the future impacts of possible decisions, strategists select the top critically uncertain trends in the external business environment, and the alternative futures are determined by the different ways those trends may impact the world and interact with other trends whose direction and impact are more probable.
As Decoo (1996) explains, deductive approaches are those that take as their departure point the provision of rules.
Inferences can be valid or invalid and can proceed through either deductive reasoning or inductive reasoning.
Because they materialize the forces that enable art to accrue meaning, deductive Conceptualism's self-consciously prosaic objects, texts, and performances are usually classified as "critical" projects, as examples of "institutional critique" or meditations on art's "social role.
The same textbook in our sample, which gave the approximation in Figure 1 also presented a simple deductive argument to show that the area of a circle is approximately 3[r.
Local businesses are being invited to join a team of deductive experts, looking at the everyday 'crimes' committed within businesses, by business people, every day.
Classes cover everything from flavor identification, deductive tasting and proper wine service techniques to food pairing, spirits, beer and cigars.
Well, Emley Drama Group is giving you the chance to test your deductive talents at an evening of murder and mystery on February 28.
Digraph analysis has a wide set of applications as a deductive tool, especially in the social sciences, where points often stand for individuals and arcs for relationships between them.