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Individual differences in verbal working memory are linked with performance on deductive reasoning tasks (Oberaucr et al.
It is an abstract system of logical, deductive reasoning and methodology, which is pure and perfect (i.
According to Bunge, director of the Building Blocks of Cognition Laboratory, deductive reasoning, such as language comprehension, taxes a predominantly left-hemisphere brain network, whereas spatial cognition taxes a predominantly right-hemisphere network.
It assumes that readers have deductive reasoning and common sense and can figure out what they can do on their own.
Most prominent among them were the Mu'tazalites, Ibn Sina, Faraby and the greatest champion of rationality and deductive reasoning, the Andalusian Ibn Rushd.
It depicts an intellect in which there seems to be two types of economist at work: one, the Marshallian-trained theorist, with a love of, and skilful in, deductive reasoning within well defined abstract models; the other, the rejectionist, scornful of the lack of realism in orthodox models, suspicious of the use of mathematics in economic theory because of its symmetry, and its need to make assumptions for mathematical tractability, rather than to capture crucial elements of reality.
It is a form of deductive reasoning that is a composite of attitudes, knowledge, and skills: (1) attitudes in the way the medical assistant responds to the patient's demand for treatment; (2) basic knowledge of the presenting symptoms of the patient and (3) skills in applying the above attitudes and knowledge.
Inductive reasoning and deductive reasoning were scored on the CCTST.
In both cases there is an inductive-deductive model at work: the 'first principles' of both science and morality find their source in inductive reason, and the first principles constitute the starting-points of deductive reasoning.
Clinicians, in making decisions about exercise prescription, must make informed decisions based on the empirical evidence (generated by empirical studies and inductive reasoning); but must vet the empirical evidence through a process of deductive reasoning as they take general understanding and apply it very specifically to a case.
Israeli officials and their intelligence-gathering network could have applied some deductive reasoning.
PURISTS will probably baulk at Guy Ritchie's attempt to reinvent the great detective as an all-out action hero, but there's still plenty of the supersleuth's trademark deductive reasoning on show.