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Deductively, analysts will fail to apply generalized lessons and analytical frameworks to the specifics of the strategic challenge at hand.
Items were generated deductively by the authors, using definitions and descriptions of Mum from the literature.
McPherran's account combines the two, arguing that Socrates was able to test the reliability of the sign both inductively and deductively (1996, 188-9).
attempts to reason more or less deductively from one abstract ideal of
Those conclusions are not deductively derived from the fault at hand.
21) The alternative, also offered by Meiklejohn, is virtually definitional, purportedly following deductively from the people's decision to "govern themselves.
At this time--although I'm not aware of any statistical analysis--I would deductively conclude that this lack of continuity in delivering instructions has resulted in a much lower reliability than originally yielded.
It's important to pose "what if" questions to biology students (Barufaldi, 1972) and have them deductively reason out the answers, as with the following examples.
The argument may not be palatable, but its conclusion follows deductively from its premises.
Lessons with this focus rely on fluid reasoning, since this broad area of intelligence involves the ability to reason both inductively and deductively.