deed of agreement

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The form of the contract is a single-grant framework agreement without commitment on minimum and maximum amounts executed by the issuance of purchase orders on the basis of unit prices defined by unit price schedule annexed to the deed of agreement, Commitment.
The signing of the deed of agreement, which returned ownership of the park to Traditional Owners took place on June 22 this year at Kalpower Crossing, a popular camping area within the park.
Put the home in joint names and you will not have a problem, particularly if you draw up a co-habitation agreement, known as a deed of agreement, with a solicitor.
5000/- (Rupees Five thousand) only payable in favour of Planning Authority is to be deposited along with the downloaded RFP & Deed of Agreement document while submitting the offer.
For example, the Port Hinchinbrook canal estate on the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area was approved under a commercial Deed of Agreement between the Commonwealth, Queensland and the developer, instead of following a Commonwealth Environmental Impact Study.