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He made, as he advanced, many courteous signs of greeting to the men he passed, neglecting to notice the women, however, like one who deemed their favor, in the present enterprise, of no importance.
The delay had been created by the grave preparations that were deemed necessary to so solemn and unusual a conference.
It was considered as being bad enough to be a slave; but to be a poor man's slave was deemed a disgrace indeed!
The State tribunals may then be left with a more entire charge of federal causes; and appeals, in most cases in which they may be deemed proper, instead of being carried to the Supreme Court, may be made to lie from the State courts to district courts of the Union.
But since that time other reasons have occurred to me, by which I have been led to change my opinion, and to think that I ought indeed to go on committing to writing all the results which I deemed of any moment, as soon as I should have tested their truth, and to bestow the same care upon them as I would have done had it been my design to publish them.
And as for the experiments that others have already made, even although these parties should be willing of themselves to communicate them to him (which is what those who esteem them secrets will never do), the experiments are, for the most part, accompanied with so many circumstances and superfluous elements, as to make it exceedingly difficult to disentangle the truth from its adjuncts- besides, he will find almost all of them so ill described, or even so false (because those who made them have wished to see in them only such facts as they deemed conformable to their principles), that, if in the entire number there should be some of a nature suited to his purpose, still their value could not compensate for the time what would be necessary to make the selection.
Presently, Institutions Deemed to be Universities are regulated by the University Grants Commission (UGC) as per the provisions of UGC (Institutions Deemed to be Universities) Regulations, 2016.
To wit, Parent will not be taxed on the sale of the Target stock, and instead the transaction will be viewed as if Target sold all its assets to New Target (a fictional corporation deemed to be wholly owned by Buyer) in exchange for the price paid for Target's stock plus Target's liabilities.
may gain unauthorized access to controlled technologies, and the extent to which Commerce and other agencies implemented recommended changes to the deemed export licensing process and enforcement system.
A DAY after deciding to strip 44 institutes of their deemed university status, the Centre promised to safeguard the educational future of nearly two lakh students who stand to be affected.
That means that the Joint Commission will need to apply to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services in order for its accredited hospitals to be deemed to have met the conditions of participation in Medicare.
Thus, for certain taxpayers, such revenue is deemed so inextricably linked to underlying DPGR (if any) that it is also treated as DPGR.