deep application

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IO, together with our IoT IPs and deep application knowledge, to enable fast creation of IoT applications based on STs IoT components.
Network right-sizing to optimize costs , including network capacity planning and design, choice of access options to connect locations, and deep application visibility and control to maximize bandwidth utilization.
Deep application of lean principles throughout the industry including the definition of needs, design, construction and operation of capital facilities will continuously improve industry value.
New FMC, comprised of FMC Agricultural Solutions and FMC Health and Nutrition segments, will be a technology-based and customer-driven company with deep application expertise.
The resulting system is a customized solution that effectively meets your needs, built upon FivesNA's deep application knowledge.
A unified application performance management (APM) suite that provides code-level visibility into the performance of complex, multi-tier applications, AppInternals Xpert can proactively detect performance issues before they impact the business by combining real end-user experience monitoring with code-level transaction tracing and deep application component monitoring.
Dell's competitive advantages include deep application, business process and infrastructure outsourcing capabilities with large and medium-sized customers, as well as multiple relationships with leading healthcare vendors.
The report goes further, commending Servion for its overall strengths in deep application development, cross-configuration ability, and application portability.
This analysis can be captured in passive mode or as part of Privilege Guard's elevation policies, complimenting the existing auditing capabilities with deep application forensics.
By combining Corio's Applications on Demand platform with IBM's global reach and deep application hosting capabilities, we have created an unmatched combination to increase our already high level of client service," said George Kadifa, Chief Executive Officer, Corio.
Through F5 s broad and deep application delivery and security capabilities, airloom is able to design, implement & support industry leading solutions that realise our vision for a mobile cloud future, said Chris Hagios, CEO at airloom.
In addition, Aleri Labs is offering prospects access to the deep application development expertise at Aleri, its parent organization, to jointly build proofs of concepts.