deep attention

See: care, diligence
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John Jasper stands looking down upon him, his unlighted pipe in his hand, for some time, with a fixed and deep attention.
And here he proceeded to give a particular account of his sport, and the respective traits of prowess evinced by the badger and the dogs; my mother pretending to listen with deep attention, and watching his animated countenance with a degree of maternal admiration I thought highly disproportioned to its object.
This she proceeded to do, and finding that Mr Willet's eyes were fixed upon her with an appearance of deep attention, gradually addressed the whole of her discourse to him, whom she entertained with a moral and theological lecture of considerable length, in the conviction that great workings were taking place in his spirit.
Holmes walked slowly up and down the ill-trimmed lawn and examined with deep attention the outsides of the windows.
It's a van that shows evidence of a deep attention to detail and a quest by its maker to understand how its products are used.
Al-Sayyed, who is deputy director of Laboratories Department at the General Directorate of Archeology and Museums, said the gold hand was dexterously designed with a highly professional touch and deep attention to details.
In its deep attention to materiality and memory studies Lina Perkins Wilder's study draws on a body of recent scholarship on memory cultures and cognition.
The report highlighted the deep attention attached by the Sultanate to the environment and its keenness on the safety of biodiversity and the sustainability of natural resources.
said that throughout history, great works of art, literature, politics, and science have come from people who have had the ability to pay deep attention to one idea.
In a joint new conference with Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani, Ahmadinejad characterized the climate between the government and parliament is of friendly and ideal nature, signifying growth and elevation and unique capacities of Iran for correctly governing the society and its deep attention to public votes.
Yet, seen up close, the two black panels show Goldstein's deep attention to material and process (an attention that held despite the artist having assistants execute most of his paintings).
Nelson has constantly paid deep attention to technological and institutional history with profound concerns for the role of technology in society.