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They remain near the deep inguinal ring until the 7th month of gestation, when they begin their descent through the inguinal canal into twin scrotal sacs.
Testis reaches the iliac fossa in the third month, at deep inguinal ring in the seventh month, in the inguinal canal at the eighth month and finally reaches at scrotum by the end of ninth month.
The left testis was situated just beneath the deep inguinal ring anterior to the external iliac vessels, and measured 6.
The inguinal canal extends between the deep inguinal ring (defect in the transversalis fascia) and superficial inguinal ring (triangular defect in the medial portion of the external oblique aponeurosis).
Of note is the fact that the deep inguinal ring is midway between the ASIS and the pubic tubercle.
Prior to the era of modern surgery many hernias were treated with a truss--a device that held a pad firmly against the deep inguinal ring and prevented the hernia coming out.

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