deep-rooted belief

See: faith
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And he also knows there's a deep-rooted belief in Norway that they play a higher standard of football than Scotland has to offer.
This vision is centered around a deep-rooted belief in delivering solutions so that people with diabetes can live their exceptional lives.
Martinez reiterated his deep-rooted belief that players will perform to their best levels when they are feeling positive and enjoying playing with flair and adventure.
Thrilled that the film festival was not aborted due to lack of funds and that a line up of the world's masters from the film industry will be soon arriving in the city, Festival Director, Srinivasan Narayanan, said at a press conference, "This year's festival stands testimony to the deep-rooted belief of the film fraternity and film lovers in this event.
The masses have a deep-rooted belief that wealth, prosperity, and great success is only for the chosen few who possess extreme talent, specialized knowledge, or just plain luck.
As we move into the construction of the hotel, we remain committed to the execution of unique international real estate projects that demonstrate Qatari Diar's deep-rooted belief of upholding quality and sustainability within the global community.
At start of the session, HH the Premier thanked all state departments for organizing the 2013 parliament elections that were distinguished with freedom, calmness and "honest brotherly competition thus reflecting Kuwait's civic image and its deep-rooted belief in democracy.
In a phone conversation, Dr Peter Alegi, an African history professor at Michigan State University, USA, told me the British have a deep-rooted belief that they are the custodians of the rules of the game and may be eager to hold on to the current IFAB structure because it may be one of the last avenues they have to maintain a high-profile position in global culture.
Mr Cameron has a deep-rooted belief in the need for the United Kingdom to continue to have independence over its tax and spending - as well as countless many other areas of policy.
Indeed, on his first visit, he had launched the initiative of seeking to rebuild trust in the form of unofficial negotiations, imposed by the rigidity that had characterized the situation, and he does not know what his visit to the region will produce, although the strongest possibility indicates that he will try to put forth an initiative to activate the negotiations, so that they may become constructive and fruitful, as long as there is no alternative to them, whether at the level of convictions prevalent within the Security Council, or through the deep-rooted belief held by the parties concerned that something tangible must be put forth that would help them emerge from this predicament.
During the event, Al 'Omlah gave a speech commending GAM's efforts to provide AFIS with care and support, stemming from its deep-rooted belief in the importance of cooperative Arab work.