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In this newly created position, Katz will leverage the full resources of the company, from its leading edge survey technology to its expert analytic team, to deepen client relationships and better serve key accounts.
As per the contract, the company is to make use of a combination of hopper and clamshell vessels for dredging over one million cubic yards to deepen a section of the river from 40ft to 45ft.
Shift of Network Infrastructure Services Expands Footprint and Deepens Resources
The work to deepen the Port of Savannah can now begin, said Mayor Reed.
As markets break out of national borders, and as European, North American, and Asian trade and investment ties deepen, smaller regions within countries or regions that cross national borders are becoming increasingly active and important players in this new international arena.
Army Corps of Engineers on Wednesday has taken the first step to deepen the whole 40-mile Savannah shipping channel and harbor by offering a dredging contract.
The project will eventually deepen the Delaware River's entire 103-mile main shipping channel from 40 to 45 feet.
In line with its policy of forging relations with neighbouring countries, he said Chinese leaders visited a lot of Asian countries and had broad and in-depth exchange of views with their foreign counterparts on how to further deepen mutual trust and bilateral cooperation, and much important agreement was reached.
Defending his role at a congressional hearing into the financial crisis, Greenspan said that that his policy of keeping interest rates low had not helped deepen the financial crisis.
AaAaAa "It falls to all of us now to deepen and consolidate this progress and pursue the efforts made in all areas," he said, recalling that Morocco was the first country to get an advanced status in relations with the EU.
There is opportunity here to deepen the congregation's understanding of and practice of prayer.