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After the appeal was rejected, Pazarcy then filed a criminal complaint against GE-len on the grounds that GE-len defamed him through the legal complaint.
Tareen asked what was his mistake in the case, and why his name being defamed in the case.
The notice said: " Immediately withdraw all the allegations made by you, against Sheila DikshitC* which ( have) defamed my client and the office of the chief minister of Delhi, in talk showsC* Tender an unconditional public apologyC* through print and electronic media.
The nursery owner claimed the defendant defamed his nursery in the email and online.
The retired insurance official said he was defamed in a certificate from the handicap sub-committee in July 2003 stating his handicap was 13, with the words "General Play (Handicap Building)" at the bottom.
Abdullah bin Baz, son of the late Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Baz, alleged Kuwaiti lawyer Khaled Al-Shatti, businessman Mahmoud Haidar and the Kuwaiti channel Al-Adalah television defamed his father and other Saudi scholars by linking their Islamic ideologies to terrorism.
publicly defamed the club's board members and ridiculed them by saying "they are holding on to their chairs as board members because they made profit".
Narendra Modi, chief minister of the western Indian state, said that contents of the book were "perverse and defamed the icon of non-violence".
His lawyer, Jasser al-Jidei, told Reuters the court on Monday found the opposition blogger innocent of the charge that he had defamed Prime Minister Nasser al-Mohammad al-Sabah in a public speech.
Byline: Joseph Stalin's grandson has taken a newspaper to court, claiming it defamed the Soviet dictator.
Mr Malik had said that a letter written by Mr Scott and printed in The Press in May, 2006, had defamed him.
Dr Larry Rosenthal says Ellen Fein - author of dating bible The Rules - has defamed him by setting up a website that accuses him of being 'a big fat liar'.