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21) As soon as the book came out, Rihani was accused of being an atheist and a defamer of religions, especially Christianity.
According to Ferrante Carli, poet, collector and defamer of Marino, Guido Reni made his paintings "womanly, Flemish, washed out and without force" ("da donna, fiaminga, slavata, senza forza").
Gawker publishes 12 of the web's most popular media gossip and pop culture sites, including the eponymous Gawker, Defamer (Hollywood lifestyle/entertainment), Jezebel (celebrity, sex and fashion gossip), Gizmodo (gadgets), Lifehacker (software and productivity), Jalopnik (car enthusiasts), Kotaku (gaming) and Valleywag (Silicon Valley gossip).
The usual ecclesiastical punishment for the offence was an acknowledgment of the baselessness of the imputation, which was made by the defamer (usually while wearing a white sheet) in the vestry room of the church in the presence of the clergyman and church wardens, and an apology to the person defamed (ibid at 551-52).
She daily uses DHD as a forum to break news about the infotainment industry, which is why The Drudge Report, The Huffington Post, Gawker, Defamer, Hollywood Wiretap, MediaBistro, Jim Romenesko's Media News, TV Tattle, USA Today's Pop Candy, IMDB and other blogs and websites regularly link to her many scoops.
When you're put in that position, it's kind of hard to say to [the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation], 'No, I won't speak out,'" says Seth Abramovitch, associate editor of the celebrity-focused blog Defamer.
Isabella Case, wife of Jankyn Dey of Hereford diocese, was "a common defamer and sustainer of quarrels.
In order to recover in a given state for the publication of defamatory material in that state, one must be able to prove that another person, other than the defamer, read the material.
without malice) defamer may promptly retract the statement and make an offer of amends with an attached affidavit explaining the mistake; if the defamed party then refuses the offer, the defamer may raise a complete defense in a subsequent suit.
The so-called Hollywood and Celebrity blogging sites are reaping substantial revenues, with top ones such as PerezHilton, TMZ, ValleyWAG, The Superficial, Defamer, and Gawker reeling in over $50,000 in monthly ad revenues.