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23; "Jewish Defamers of Jews," B'nai Brith Magazine (January, 1932): 99; "Notes on Jews, Rose Caylor Hecht (hereafter, RCH)," BHNL.
When the Duke responds to Lucio's plea, he betrays that he has equivocated in his previous response and, that, in fact, he has not forgiven his defamer as he first stated: "Slandering a prince deserves it" (5.
Defamers are rarely subject to only one state's law, and unless they are, they must tailor their speech to the least protective state law to which they may be subject.
The thorny American topic of racism has inserted itself into discussions about Jews on campuses, particularly in relation to Israel and the promiscuous way it is referred to as an "apartheid" state by its campus defamers.
Those disruptions are perpetrated by domestic non-Han ethnic minorities, not by stock wuxia film antagonists--feuding temple loyalists, scheming imperial advisors, eunuch intriguers, defamers of the nation, abusers of the poor and weak, or those single-mindedly pursuing vengeance.
96) Defamers may be subject to heavy fines or imprisonment for violating Internet regulations.
Hani Al-Ghamdi, psychologist, described online defamers as weak and sick and that is why they use the monitor and the keyboard to do or say what their "tongues" cannot.
Defend the State of Israel against those who rise up against it from the outside and from those who rise up against it from within, and safeguard it against its exploiters, manipulators, and defamers.
To become more sympathetic, reporters must embrace TV, asserting their role as crusaders and informers, not defamers and partisans.
24] The rationale in Facchina was that argued by Professor Nussbaum: "It would be unrealistic to hold future defamation claimants to a duty to provide for remedies by contract with potential defamers.