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As Obama nominee Charles Freeman pointed on 3/10/09 as he threw in the towel, the truth does not matter to the defamers.
Therefore, it is entirely inevitable that the Anabaptists those defamers of a holy oath--nay even more, those have been deluded in such a way that they do not see that they condemn the things with which the elect, gathered from every compass point (1) are at ease, whose piety and faith is set forth in the Scriptures for us to imitate--are the most separated from those things.
But it has also supplied powerful publicity tools to a narcissistic, often nihilistic, cadre of defamers and profaners.
It is this Manichean tendency of contemporary left-liberal defamers of Israel that for Harrison is its defining trait.
Certainly, his recent statements would place him in the company of those defamers of Islam.
B'nai Brith Magazine editorialized against "Jewish defamers of Jews," and, according to Rose Hecht, the rabbis of Cleveland "declared Ben would never be allowed to be buried in Cleveland--an honor nobody I know has ever yearned for.