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Moussa, who hosts a programme on Sada Al-Balad television channel, was charged with spreading false news and defaming Al-Awady.
The government of Pakistan must take immediate steps to get rid of these home grown moles which are using the honourable field of journalism to achieve their heinous goals of defaming Pakistan and it\'s institutions.
He (Azeem) instead of accepting the results started campaign for defaming the Commission and is holding demonstrations and press conferences along with few students of the Ilmia academy.
The protest started from the al-Sadr office leading towards the city council to condemn the recent movies defaming Prophet Mohammad, director of the Sadrist office in Karbala Muhanad al-Moussawi told Aswat al-Iraq news agency.
Bahrain strongly condemns the film defaming the Prophet," the Foreign Ministry said in a statement yesterday, describing the movie as "an affront to principles of respect of all religions, ethical and human values.
Summary: The Military Tribunal fined a human rights activist for "fabricating" news about torturing prisoners in Lebanon and slandering and defaming the Internal Security Forces in a television interview.
Summary: Madrid - Spanish official news agency "EFE" has, once more, misled the Iberian media into defaming Morocco, revealing a "strong will of misinformation", said Spanish electronic newspaper "Andalus-Press", on Friday.
TEMPLETON - Selectman Gerald Skelton, through his lawyer, has denied defaming Gardner lawyer Scott J.
Mr Scott, Mr Lockwood and NewsPost all denied defaming the MP.
Mr Finn and his company, Pallion Housing Ltd, must pay the first part of the pounds 125,000 costs bill within 28 days and were also hit yesterday with a final injunction, forbidding them from defaming chief executive of Gentoo Group, Peter Walls.
com is a 'forum for maliciously defaming Dr Rosenthal and interfering with his dental practice', his $5m (pounds 2.
defaming a group of people, like they bring disease, they are terrorist, they are criminals, they are trashing the environment.