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DEFAULTER, com. law. One who is deficient in his accounts, or falls in making his accounts correct.

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the government, the minister said prolong litigation in such cases was main reason for the banks and other financial institutions to recover loans from the defaulters.
He added power supply to other defaulters consumers had been disconnected and maters removed from the premises of these defaulters due to non-payment of arrears which stood at Rs.
The country's stock exchange set up the defaulters counter back in August 1997, on which companies with a bad track record were relegated.
India-based State Bank of India (NSE: SBI) has the highest share of loan defaulters among the nation's banks.
The high ups of WAPDA said that WAPDA has met failure in effecting recovery from defaulters for want of proper legislation in the country.
THE top 50 defaulters of public sector banks ( PSBs) have an exposure of ` 1.
15 crore from over 58,000 defaulters till January 31.
Article 3 of the draft proposal enables banks and loan companies to reschedule defaulters loans without any interest charges added and allowing a repayment period of at least 15 years.
The sweepers and other cleaning staff accompanying the tax collectors are knocking on the doors of defaulters and asking them to pay the outstanding taxes immediately -- saying failure to do so will force them to stage sit-ins in front of their houses.
The survey found only 22 percent of renters who know defaulters expect home prices to increase during the next 12 months, while 29 percent of renters who don't know a defaulter think prices will rise.
Often lengthy enquiries had to be conducted to trace fine defaulters and this could take several weeks.
PESHAWAR, June 8 -- The department of Excise and Taxation has launched a campaign against defaulters of the property tax in city areas including University Road and Hayatabad.