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We are only now entitled to rely on indirect tracking hypotheses, for instance, because we have done the work needed to cast doubt on a serious potential defeater of our moral beliefs.
The crucial idea in Shafer-Landau's passage is that awareness of moral disagreement serves as a defeater for the moral beliefs about which there is disagreement.
It diverts attention from the phenomena that in fact constitute the defeaters for theistic belief (p.
Usually, each argument has more than one defeater and more than one argumentation line exists.
N] is self refuting because it provides a defeater for reason itself, including a defeater for any rational argument for [EP.
Alternatively, if, as most of us think, our cognitive faculties are generally reliable, then we have what is a defeater of the idea that evolution and naturalism are both true (324, 355).
Conciliar teaching is not in opposition to exclusivism as Plantinga has defended it, and it seems to relieve his worry that pluralism might serve as an undercutting defeater of religious exclusivism.
Despite predicting a home win, however, Casey does admit Bernard Dunne defeater Martinez does pose a significant threat and the 10 fight novice is taking nothing for granted.
Lacking a theodicy for the evil does not constitute a defeater for the purposively available evidence believers have.
August Burns Red performs with Bless The Fall, Defeater and Beartooth at 6 p.
It is not a purely internal knowledge, completely inaccessible to non-Christians who do not share Christian basic beliefs; for new evidence could provide a defeater for Christian belief, or so Plantinga has maintained.