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Unlike his other comrades who successfully rationalize their defeatism, Karim harbors no illusions about the reality of his defeat.
During her trial for defeatism, French feminist Helene Brion challenged the government's right to charge her with a political crime when she had no political rights or legal status in French society before asserting that as a woman she naturally had pacifist sentiments.
At Tynecastle, just as at Pittodrie, the culture of defeatism, has seeped into the boardroom.
The defender says the Dane should be applauded for realism and not condemned for defeatism.
Hanging out with them, he says in a 1988 interview, "suited my feeling of uncertainty and anger, depression, pessimism, defeatism, all that.
To remain hopeful in the face of such grim possibilities is to claim at least a moral victory over death and defeatism.
The defeatism is as scandalous as it is illogical, as Toon fanzine The Mag exposed by comparing Spurs in the Daniel Levy era with Newcastle under Mike Ashley (below).
Britain is at serious risk of losing its way in Afghanistan because rising defeatism at home is demoralising the troops on the front line, military commanders have warned.
Miliband said: "I hate defeatism about the country and I hate defeatism about the Labour party.
For the ordinary person, employment or crime are the only ways out of the ghetto, but unfortunately the former has been de-scheduled for years and replaced by the benefits culture of dependency, which has produced what might be called a Gaza City mentality in the claimants, a sort of angry and numb hopelessness and defeatism, so that others, but especially the state, are responsible for every aspect of their lives.
I know about Aberdeen's record against them but there is no defeatism in the dressing room.
In the national interest, it's important to be patient and not to allow defeatism to overtake the understanding that the biggest, most important victories are also the hardest to attain.