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Whe her defectio From the off she was a publicity seeker.
Est enim cupiditas immoderabilis rerum ueneriarum et ueretri tensio non spontanea, interdum etiam et iactatio seminis et contractus neruorum et postremo uirium defectio, id est solutio corporis.
Est enim cupiditas immodica rerum ueneriarum et actus et ueretri tensio non spontanea, interdum etiam iactatio seminis est <et> defectio id est dissolutio corporis.
31) Erasmus captures this double meaning in his 1516 Latin translation of the text as "nisi uenerit defectio primu" (except the apostasy comes first), defectio here connoting a defection in war to the enemy's side.
Interestingly, Erasmus, 1522, Mm6v, reinforces his idea defectio in his 1522 paraphrase of the New Testament.
b) "Le theme de la defectio solis dans le Canzoniere.
The source population consisted of congenital anomaly cases and control births from the Barcelona congenital anomalies register, Registro Defectios Congenitos Barcelona (REDCB), which has accrued approximately 13,000 births/year from nearly all maternity units in the city since its start in 1992.