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The technical state of elements in ED was evaluated by defectiveness points ([B.
Score ranges for each schema domain (and each early maladaptive schema) are: disconnection & rejection, 0-408 (emotional deprivation [0-54]; abandonment [0-102], mistrust/abuse [0-102], social isolation [0-60], and defectiveness [0-90]); impaired autonomy and performance, 0-282 (failure [0-54], dependence [0-90], vulnerability [0-72], and enmeshment [0-66]); other directedness, 0-246(subjugation [0-60], self-sacrifice [0-102], and approval-seeking [0-84]); impaired limits, 0-156 (entitlement [0-66] and insufficient self-control [0-90]); and overvigilence and inhibition, 0-306 (emotional inhibition [0-54], unrelenting standards [0-96], negativity/pessimism [0-66], and punitiveness [0-90]) (Young & Brown 2003; Young et al.
Aristotle asserted that the female is a female by virtue of a certain lack of [male] qualities and the female nature should be regarded as afflicted with natural defectiveness (de Beauvoir, 1989).
203, 209 (2005) ("Systems normally strive to achieve an optimal rate of defectiveness that balances quality and efficiency.
For instance, from the angle of the conformity of products warranties, the consumer has the legal duty of addressing the professional vendor during a maximum period of two months since the manifestation of defectiveness, while upon the vendor's shoulders lays the burden of remediation in a 'reasonable' period of time (13), each party's failure to compel with the legal conditions or duties being a source of legal responsibility.
1st DCA 1981), held that when a product malfunctions during normal operation, a legal inference of product defectiveness arises, and the injured plaintiff has thereby established a prima facia case for jury consideration.
Robotic surgery providers would be protected from undefined liability, as there are would be accessible experts to testify as to the potential defectiveness of the product at issue.
The law of identity sometimes holds sufficiently for practical purposes, in spite of its structural defectiveness.
55) Al though the two liability standards are phrased differently, (56) contractual unmerchantability is "properly view[ed]" as the "equivalent of the defectiveness concept in both negligence and strict products liability in tort.
Fernandez writes that the point of her book "is to demonstrate the defectiveness in form and in substance of [Friedman's] disjointed discourse, and in doing so offer a testament to the degenerate state of the mainstream media in the United States.
Rather than diagnostic labeling, RCT counselors help clients conceptualize themselves within a broader context, one that moves them out of a position of shame, defectiveness, and isolation toward genuine authenticity and connection with others (Hartling et al.