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They left their victim with lifechanging injuries and attacked his defenceless dog.
It is tragic that while we all talk about love and respect, at the same time our fellow citizens treat defenceless animals in such an inhumane way and with such unkindness, which is evident from the revolting, barbarous and criminal acts and behaviours we see".
It is think that dumped defenceless Cara Gibbon, "Whoever dumped them may have done so because they couldn't afford to treat them, but there are organisations out there, including ourselves, who will help - we don't want any animals to suffer.
We will ask for the) suspect to be handed the maximum punishment for the charges due to her using the opportunity to repeatedly attack the young and defenceless victim.
It called for allocating secure areas and corridors to allow defenceless civilians to flee the fighting and seek shelter, urging all refugee relief organisations to assume their humanitarian responsibilities and mobilise their efforts to provide accommodation, as well as basic services, such as water, food and first-aid, for potential refugees.
It is an act of horror and rank cowardice to attack defenceless children while they learn.
We took action in response to the to the rocketing number of horrifying attacks on horrifying attacks on defenceless children.
A HORRIFIC fire attack on a defenceless pet dog was "evil and vile", a judge said yesterday.
These so-called trained people who do these barbaric acts to defenceless old people should be tried and found guilty and sent down for their crime.
Iran called the deadly air strikes on Gaza "war crimes" against "the defenceless Palestinian people," calling for an international outcry against the attacks.
Martin Hewlett, 45, knocked his estranged wife Anne, 36, off her bicycle as she rode home in Worthing, West Sussex on February 29, 2008, then drove back over her defenceless body "effectively leaving her for dead", a jury was told.
IT is difficult to imagine how anyone could abandon a defenceless puppy on a cold winter night.