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SAN ANTONIO -- Analysis of a patient's ego defense mechanisms can provide valuable clues to diagnosis, Dr.
Financial Secretary Donald Tsang said on a review of the operation of the currency defense mechanism, as well as the operation of the securities and futures market, the mechanism has ''very effectively'' preserved the stability of the exchange rate and the monetary system.
They included: the intermittent nature of the war, campus safety, socio-economic status, reliance on adaptive defense mechanisms particularly denial and rationalization, war preparedness, and the mitigating role of family, community and religion.
Importantly, collaborative studies with surgeons at Leeds General infirmary have shown that this defense mechanism can be switched on in diseased blood vessels as well as in healthy vessels.
It's a great defense mechanism, not wanting what you can't have.
Do I really mean to imply that a defense mechanism used (if Klein is correct) during the first six months of life can affect the structure of religious belief among adults?
The product is designed to boost the immune system and thereby allow the body's normal defense mechanism to control the virus.
Responding is an exaggerated fashion, opposite to the way you actually feel, is the use of "reaction formation" as a defense mechanism.
In some ways I think my radical politics are kind of a sour-grapes defense mechanism.
Parents or caretakers also must punish children for their actions in a correct manner, such as timeouts, because many grow immune to punishment and use it as a defense mechanism from feeling guilty about their behavior, Mathis said.
They just use denial as a defense mechanism, which could spell eventual doom for a relationship.
Recent studies suggest that health is directly influenced by the immune system and such health concerns as chronic fatigue have also been linked to the health of the body's natural defense mechanism.

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