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OUTSTANDING FOOTBALL defenses swarm and tackle in large numbers.
FMS, which are government-to-government sales of defense articles and services, not only enhance the defensive capabilities of our allies, but also promote interoperability of materiel, logistics, and training all areas vital to the success of coalition security.
Offensive/defensive rankings: Alemany: offense 3rd; defense 25th.
A knowledge of man defense will make the team more versatile and capable of learning other defenses.
Offenses change: Short Punt to Single Wing to Split-T Option to Wing-T to Wishbone to I Formation to Veer to Pro Set, and the defenses have to make adjustments to meet the challenge.
Since the security strategy identifies proliferation of nuclear weapons as a major threat to national security, ballistic missile defenses provide a critical layer of defense for protecting the United States against weapons of mass destruction-armed missile attacks, he said.
By designating the 2-1-2 full-court press as the "3 Press," the 1-2-1-1 full-court zone press "1 Press," the 2-2-1 zone press "2 Press," the full-court Run and Jump as "4 Press", and a full-court man-to-man press as "5 Press", you should find it easy to name and distinguish the five possible full-court pressure defenses.
The only problem is, President Bush and Secretary Powell have not yet worked through to the issue of defense trade policy, such that I can give you a first look at the second Bush Administration's handling of this important issue.
The oldest rivalry lives on today in San Diego in the showdown between the Oakland offense, which gained more yards than any other in the NFL in the regular season, and the Tampa Bay defense, which allowed the fewest.
For those who insist on some kind of defense against enemy missiles, Establishment liberals have a pat concession: Limited ABM defenses are okay, as long as they don't pose a serious threat to a major nuclear-armed adversary like the Russians.
In fact, the most impressive products to come out of our $55 billion, fifteen-year investments in missile defenses to date are the flashy `artist's conceptions' of how mature systems might work, which the military services and defense contractors duly trot out whenever Congress threatens to cut back the Star Wars budget.
This article will summarize the key points in the new regulations, which replace the proposed regulations issued in March 1991, and will focus on defenses against imposition of the accuracy-related penalty and the new rules regarding disclosures to avoid the accuracy-related penalty.