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Organizations should not wait for legal or regulatory action before taking steps toward defensible deletion," said Eddie Sheehy, chief executive officer of Nuix.
The Department of Vermont Health Access, Clinical Operations Unit (COU) and the Quality Improvement Unit, (hereinafter called DVHA) is seeking to establish service agreements with one (or more) companies that can provide legally defensible and nationally recognized accepted evidence-based medical criteria for clinical reviews and utilization management activities.
What is the most defensible definition of giftedness-one that views qualitative differences as existing in children or one that views such differences as existing only after one becomes an eminent or productive adult?
Andy Wyszkowski, Global Head of Compliance, commented on the need for defensible training by stating "This week's comments from the Department of Justice relating to the unfortunate events at Morgan Stanley underscore the need for a sound compliance program consisting of frequent training, sound due diligence and policy clarity and communication.
In areas with higher concentrations of brush and flammable vegetation - San Francisquito and Placerita canyons are prime examples - the defensible space should be at least 100 feet, preferably 200 feet.
Mud houses (at least its the capital Sana'a (between the mud and stone cultures) often have a stone ground floor to make them more defensible and resistant to the elements.
Program evaluation answers these questions and makes the system defensible.
4 million stored documents as simply junk e-mails, with 80% accuracy--a rate that has been accepted as legally defensible in court, according to the panelists.
Each site's environment determines the fire risk and how wide a defensible space needs to extend from structures," Huff said.
Thinking about the cyber issues that face us, coming up with a defensible system is important and cloud computing is one way to help make that possible.
Dolan said that DiscoverReady uses proprietary processes and tools such as its PrivBank, PrivView and Dynamic Data Analysis services to streamline attorney document reviews and deliver defensible results "at costs that can be as much as 40% lower than traditional services.
Crumbling Oldham Town Hall tops the list, followed by the Defensible Barracks in Pembroke, South Wales.