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The European Court of Justice's 2014 determination that its citizens have the "right to be forgotten" is yet another reason organizations must be mindful about how they collect, protect, and defensibly delete PII.
Most of us, however, think that George could defensibly refuse the job.
38) The exercise of liberty is also essential for living a meaningful life, and so a priority of a right holder's security interest cannot defensibly ignore or negate the duty holder's conflicting liberty interest.
In that sense it seems to be to be more defensibly Anglican.
To help ensure that users do not inadvertently exaggerate economic activity attributable to a byway, the tool employs a test that asks users to answer the following statement: "To what extent can I truthfully and defensibly assert that but for the existence of the byway and our organization's activities, this economic event would not have occurred?
To answer these criticisms and defensibly distinguish the professions from other occupations that rely on university-based technical knowledge, proponents of professionalism must establish a necessary link between technical professional knowledge and a university-level education in the liberal arts.
The process involves a coordinated effort with teams of internal IT, security and risk, legal, business, and records personnel to secure the information on the corporate side of the firewall, execute the collection whilst maintaining chain-of-custody and data integrity, and document the process defensibly.
Once these sources of potentially responsive ESI are accounted for, the right eDiscovery tools need to be deployed so that these disparate types of ESI can be defensibly collected and processed for review in a singular auditable environment.
Through exploring the fiduciary nature of the doctor-patient relationship, Joffe and Truog develop an approach to discerning which medical decisions require individual patient consent and which decisions physicians may defensibly make without consulting their patients.
Chris Brown's defensibly benign and complimentary tweet, "I fuck with Frank Ocean.
Much less defensibly, the Court of Appeals also completely ignored
Diamond: It depends on the particular company, but we have seen organizations over time defensibly delete more than 40% of their structured data and get rid of 60% of their e-mail.