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Deferential vulnerability may occur within a medical relationship when patients defer to the authority of other family members or agencies when making health-related decisions.
Steve Johnson, on the other hand, contended that deferential review
Given the deferential treatment to Hafiz Saeed, can we hope for effective measures?
A deferential standard of review in multi-defendant cases could lead to a greater possibility of different claim constructions from different courts, which may be allowed to stand under a deferential standard.
Although it found that sex parties had taken place, it found no evidence of sexual harassment, bullying or intimidation and found his remarks about an Asian upbringing rendering him more deferential "repugnant and offensive".
In light of this situation, Becroft (Melbourne Law School) assesses what standards of review WTO panels should apply to questions of compliance, arguing that the organization should adopt a flexible standard that allows for a highly inflexible and non-deferential factual standard for assessing domestic measures, but a more deferential standard of review where WTO members have retained jurisdictional competencies to deal with cases such as anti-dumping and countervailing measures.
ISLAMABAD -- Amid to provide tariff deferential subsidy, the government is set to arrange additional borrowing of Rs.
020 billion was paid under tariff deferential subsidy.
By recounting these arguments, however, this Note reveals the underlying--and unspoken--difference between adherents of the assertive view and adherents of the deferential view: their conceptions of the relationship between law and politics differ widely.
Slated for a French television premiere, carefully crafted pic shouldn't have trouble reaching the arthouse ands who routinely turn up for deferential studies of this era.
The Brit Awards have been reduced to a deferential display which makes the annual yawnfest that is the Oscars look like Reservoir Dogs.
The recommendations include ensuring that gardai take every opportunity to ensure there is no place for deferential treatment in modern Irish policing.