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Turning the horse sharply, he again jumped the ditch, and deferentially addressed the horseman with the white plumes, evidently suggesting that he should do the same.
On the contrary it seemed to Dorothea that Will had a happier way of drawing her husband into conversation and of deferentially listening to him than she had ever observed in any one before.
At sight of Ja they saluted deferentially, but to me they paid not the slightest attention.
He had slept well, and so it seemed that his head scarcely touched the pillow ere his man deferentially aroused him.
The courier's wife was shown in--a little meek melancholy woman, with white eyelashes, and watery eyes, who curtseyed deferentially and was troubled with a small chronic cough.
Inchbare, deferentially backing out into the passage again.
In all this, English writers and critics of the Restoration period and the next half-century very commonly followed the French and Italians deferentially.
The three of them crowded into a four-wheeler, and Anthony sitting deferentially opposite that astonished old jail- bird
It is only when their naughty names are called out that your modesty has any occasion to show alarm or sense of outrage, and it has been the wish of the present writer, all through this story, deferentially to submit to the fashion at present prevailing, and only to hint at the existence of wickedness in a light, easy, and agreeable manner, so that nobody's fine feelings may be offended.
He had spoken courteously, deferentially, yet so firmly, so stubbornly, that for a long while she could make no answer.
Yes, Sir Ethelred," said the Assistant Commissioner, pressing deferentially the extended hand.
Young Jukes, the chief mate, attending his commander to the gangway, would sometimes venture to say, with the greatest gentleness, "Allow me, sir" -- and possessing himself of the umbrella deferentially, would elevate the ferule, shake the folds, twirl a neat furl in a jiffy, and hand it back; going through the performance with a face of such portentous gravity, that Mr.