deferred payment

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3 Deferred payment agreements will mean people should not have to sell their homes in their lifetime to pay for their care
In case of purchase or sale of GIS on deferred payment basis, the GIS will be transferred to the SGLA of the buyer on deal date, while payment will be made on deferred payment date.
The council, liKe all others, allow deferred payments to cover care costs for people with their own homes but no savings.
The vote on the deferred payment law in parliament postponed more than once due to the absentees of some blocs or withdrawal from the meeting.
Presently, the maximum fine for deferred payment of employment stabilization fee is set at one time of the fee, or NT$12,000 a quarter.
Iran had been supplying 45,000 barrels of crude oil to Pakistan on a three-month deferred payment plan until January 2011 till the United Nations sanctions stalled the plan.
The additional deferred payments, which will be due on or before 30 July 2013, will be in an amount equal to USD50m less a 50% share of the expenses Lexicon incurs for the future development of LX1031, LX1032, LX1033 and related drug candidates, subject to certain exceptions and up to an aggregate reduction of USD15m.
However, it is a matter for each local council to decide whether to introduce the deferred payment scheme in their local area.
It was not clear if the deferred payments would be paid back.
The Law Society's Des Hudson said: "One or two solicitors firms have deferred payment pending a hearing before the SDT.
409A, as long as the terms and conditions of the deferred payment are the same as those for the target's nonemployee-stockholders.
Based on previous levels of these commissions, Berkeley Berry estimates the deferred payment will come in at around pounds 100,000.

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