defiance of orders

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Particular to mention is junction of Abdullah Haroon and Hoshang road, detached to Clifton Bridge where old compound wall by Pakistan Railways was raised up to 14 feet for advertisement purpose in violation of sub-section 3 of (6) of SBCO 1979 read with clause (9-12) of Karachi Building and Town Planning Regulations 2002 and in utter defiance of orders of Honourable Supreme Court.
The team investigates in strict defiance of orders from Captain Thorpe (Rob Huebel).
Mitch and the team investigate in strict defiance of orders from Captain Thorpe (Rob Huebel).
He fears Victoria is flooding the beach with drugs and investigates in defiance of orders from Captain Thorpe (Rob Huebel).
Jakarta, June 17 -- Police fired a warning shot into the air after a group of Sri Lankan women who have been stranded off the coast of Aceh since June 11 disembarked from their boat in defiance of orders from Indonesian authorities.
Lee and Washington and Lee had an acrimonious history, and Lee desired to be commander-in-chief instead of second-in-command; but during the battle, Lee's decision to retreat in defiance of orders, combined with his public disrespect of Washington, resulted in a court-martial.
In defiance of orders from China, North Korea claims to have tested a miniaturized hydrogen bomb
The defender came on a minute before the end of City's 2-1 Champions League win over Sevilla in a move that smacked of Pellegrini responding to his defiance of orders.
Sources said that chairman CDA Maroof Afzal had directed DG Works Asad Kyani to stop making more payments with regard to Kashmir high way project but the latter made payments running into million of rupees in defiance of orders.
The South Stream Bulgaria project company has increased its capital in defiance of orders to the contrary issued by caretaker energy minister Vasil Shtonov.
A live feed of ERT -- whose journalists have continued broadcasting over the Internet in defiance of orders -- showed workers breaking into applause on hearing the court ruling.
His defiance of orders is believed to have saved countless civilian and military lives, earning him the Military Medal for his extraordinary bravery.